Current Research Interests:

  • Design
  • Model-based Diagnosis
  • Resilient Systems

  • Johan de Kleer

    Intelligent Systems Laboratory

    Palo Alto Research Center part of SRI International


    Selected Publications

    Selected DARPA Projects Past and Present

    DARPA NOMARS Design of AI controlled resilient ship.

    DARPA SAILON Automatic detection of and accommodation to novelty.

    DARPA SPINN Signal Processing in Neural Networks for HF communication.

    DARPA FUN DESIGN Fundamentals of design for novel systems.

    DARPA COMPMODS Multiphysics simulation for advanced DoD systems.

    DARPA AIRA AI Research Assistant for discovery of new physical phenomena.

    DARPA TRANSPARENT COMPUTING Detection of advanced persistent threats.

    DARPA CODE Collaborative autonomy for unmanned aerial systems in communication denied environments.

    DARPA PROTEUS Prototype resilient operations testbed for expeditionary urban scenarios.

    DARPA AVM (7 contracts) Adaptive Vehicle Make (AVM) is a portfolio of programs that address revolutionary approaches to the design, verification and manufacturing of complex defense systems and vehicles. We focussed on design, modeling, verification and diagnosis of Amphibious Combat Vehicles.

    DARPA DEEP GREEN Advanced predictive capabilities to enable computers to efficiently and accurately predict possible future scenarios, based on an analysis of the current situation, in order to give army commanders a better view of possible outcomes for their decisions

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